What should I pay for......?

This is a list of what you should pay when you are stocking up on items. This page will be updated constantly as I find new and better deals.  If you know of a better price than what I post, please feel free to let me know!!!!


Band Aids- Free
BBQ Sauce- Free
Body Wash- $.50 or Less
Canned Veggies- $.50 each
Cereal- $1/Box or Less!
Cheese (American, Singles) 16 Slices- $.75
Cleaning Solutions- Free (It's possible, but anything under $1 I think is a good deal!)
Deoderant- Free
Diapers- $4 Package
Eggs- $.99
Fruit Snacks- $.75/Box
Hot Dogs- $.75 Or Less
Ketchup-$1 Or Less
Mayonnaise- $1
Milk- $1.98
Mouthwash- Free
Mustard- $.50 or Less
Mustard (Specialty)- $.75
Pain Reliever (Tylenol, Asprin, Etc.) $1 Bottle
Paper Towels- $.50/ Roll
Pizza (Specialty)- $3.50
Pizza Rolls- $.60 Each
Popcicles- Free
Salad Dressing- $1 or less
Shampoo/Conditioner- $1/ Bottle
Spaghetti $.50 or Less
Spaghetti Sauce- $.50 or Less
Toilet Paper- $.25/ Roll
Toothpaste- Free