Friday, June 3, 2011

My Favorite Grocery Deals this week!

Here are my FAVORITE deals this week, the ones you KNOW I will be stocking up on!  There are lots of good deals, but these are the best! (By Store)

 ( I don't think Albertson's is doubling this week, but they tend to surprise me at the store.  The deals could be EVEN BETTER!!!)

Suave Deoderant
$1 Each.  Use $.75/1 Suave Deoderant (5/22 RP)= $.25 Each

Finesse Hair Products
$1 Each.  Use $1/1 Finesse Hair Product (5/8 SS)= FREE (If you have the mail-in rebate form, this could be a MM!)

Resers Hash Browns
$1.50 Each. Use $.55/1 Reser's Printable= $.95 each

Land O' Frost Lunch Meat
$1.99 Each.  Use $.55/1 Land O Frost (5/15 RP) = $1.44 Each

King Soopers

Garden of Eatin' Tortilla Chips
$1.89 Each.  Use $1/1 Garden of Eatin' Blue Chips (5/1 SS)= $.89 Each


Knorr Side Dishes
$.79 (WYB 8). Use $.50/2 (doubles)(5/22 RP)= $.29 Each!

Kraft Mac & Cheese
$.59 (WYB8)-  This is just a good deal.  I did find some coupons on ebay, but didn't buy them because they wouldn't make it in time for the sale.  I will still be buying 8 of these though!

Ball Park Hot Dog/ Hamburger Buns
$1.49 Each- Use $.55/1 Ball Park Buns(doubles)(6/5 RP)= $.49 Each


Nexcare Bandages
$1.89  $1/1 Target Coupon and $.55/1 Nexcare Product(65 SS)= $.34 Each

Target Photo Processing
$.10 Each.  Use $2/20 Target Coupon= FREE!

Ace Hardware

Citronella Candles
$2.99 Each.  $2 Mail In Rebate= $.99 Each