Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saved $128 at Safeway, $65 at Walgreens, and 100% at Albertsons!

Here are my big winners this weekend!

20 Lowry's Marinades $1- Doubled $.55/1 Coupon (I got this coupon from a coupon clipper)- FREE
5 Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce $1- Doubled $.55/1- FREE
Popcicles $1.99- Used Safeway Digital $2 Off- FREE
Totinos Pizza Rolls $1- Doubled $.40/2- $.60 Each

7 Heinz Worschtershire Sauce $1- Doubled $.75 (to $1)- FREE
Mt. Olive Relish $1- Doubled Hangtag from Store $.55/1 (coupon said DND, but they did anyway!)- FREE

Transaction #1
Ritz Crackers $2- Used $1/1 Coupon- $2 RR
Icy Hot Cream- $.99- Used $1/1 Coupon- $.99 RR
   TOTAL OOP- $1
   $2.99 In Register Rewards
Transaction #2
4 Right Guard Body Wash- BOGO- Used BOGO Coupon (TOTAL FREE)
2 Right Guard Deoderants-BOGO- Used BOGO Coupon (TOTAL FREE)
Scott Paper Towels $3.99- used $1.50 Coupon
Reynolds Wrap Foil $1.99- Used $1/1 Coupon
  TOTAL OOP- $.49

I did Transaction #1 & #2 Over again, for a GRAND TOTAL OF $3 (before taxes) OOP!

Couponing Tip of The Week

"Like" the things you love!

Social networking is the hot thing right now, and companies know that!  They are CONSTANTLY using Facebook, Twitter, etc., to promote their goods and give away products, samples and coupons.  You will see many times on my blog info on "liking" a company to get a coupon, but if you are ahead of the game and "Like" YOUR favorite products, you are more likely to get a jump on the game and be the first to know about any upcoming promotions!

FREE Photo Prints at Target!

Use the $2/20 Prints Target coupn to get FREE prints this week!  Target Photo prints are on sale for $.10 each, so 20 prints is just $2.  Use your coupon, and WOOOHOOO!  FREE PHOTOS!